Portable Hoods

This AMS hood is portable, but must be connected to an HVAC system. The backward-curved 120 volt blower has a variable speed control to maximize efficiency and minimize motor noise. The blower unit sits atop a fully welded tube chamber with plexiglas windows for viewing from all four sides. The front has a fold-up door to allow for loading and unloading of apparatus and experiments.


  • Painted Steel Construction
  • Energy-Saving LED Light Fixture
  • Combination Light/Blower Switch
  • GFI Duplex Outlet
  • Pre-Wired
  • 8’ Power Cord
  • 2" dia. x 48" flex exhaust duct


  • AMS-36-PH hood only
  • AMS-36-PHT hood with epoxy top
  • AMS-36-PHTC hood with top and cart
  • For stainless steel construction use the prefix SS